Monday, February 27, 2012

I need it.

This weekend I was a total slacker, so on Saturday one would have found me laying on my boyfriend's couch.  ALL. DAY. LONG.  In my defense, I did had a (slight) headache.  But back to the point....during my highly productive Saturday, I watched Sex in the City 2.  Of course all the clothes are eye-catching and oh-so-pretty, but there was one dress that I absolutely loved.  Can you guess which one?

{via La Belle}

Yes, it is the Halston Heritage orange maxi dress and I can't live without.  I need it, however my bank account can't really take a hit like that.  So, I ask you if there are any look-a-likes out there that are more budget friendly?   If anyone can point me in the right direction, I owe you BIG time.


  1. While not exactly the same (it's shorter), this dress by Parker is a great alternative. The color is really pretty in-person:

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