Friday, February 17, 2012

Craigslist Round-Up

I haven't done a craigslist round-up in a while, so I think it is time.  Who's with me?  Glad to see everyone is as excited as me!  ;-)

I know some might not agree, but I'm over the typical garden stools that are everywhere (only to say, if I saw it at a steal I would snatch it up).  But this gem on the other hand, is calling yelling my name. 
$100.00 smack-a-roos.  It is no great deal, but like I said....yelling my name. 
(Side note:  This person is also still trying to sell the vanity seat I blogged about here.) 

Seriously, aren't these faux bamboo nesting tables fabulous?  They are priced at $135.00, and the owner has dropped the price every week....I'm still holding out though. They remind me of the HSN Nate Berkus coffee table that I so desperately want and isn't available anymore.

The person who has listed the nesting tables above is also trying to sell this salmon-y colored chest of drawers.  I like the lines, knobs, and surprising the color of this piece.  Priced at $265.

If I needed six dining room chairs, these babies would be mine!  All mine, I tell you!  Priced at $299.

The previous pieces I shown aren't exactly great deals, but this dresser is priced extremely well.  I would probably give it a coat of paint, but for $25 I don't think you can go wrong. 

I think if you styled this pair of side tables correctly, these would be rockin'.   AND they are only $35 for the pair!

There are no dimensions for these tables, but they are both from West Elm.  The console table is listed for $60 and the parson table is $75. 

This rattan set is from Pier 1 and priced at $99, but you could probably negotiate it down a little (it has been on CL for a few weeks).  Pillows are included.  :-)

Well, I'm out.  Happy Friday!

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