Thursday, August 25, 2011

Craig's List of Goodies

Today while perusing the lovely list complied by good ol' Craig, I found some great pieces.  SOME of the items listed have excellent prices; some don't.  Maybe some will strike your fancy, because I think I need more space before I buy anything else.  My father recently told me I have wayyy too many things for a single girl.  Me?  Never.  Although, that would explain why I have a storage unit..... 

The price for all five paintings is $100!  Can't beat that! 

Check out this white faux bamboo china cabinet.  Love me some faux bamboo.  The listing doesn't say how much she is asking, but it doesn't say 50%.  She has everything at a booth and everything is under $300, so I'm guessing $150 for the cabinet.  Awesome deal.

Paint this beauty up and you are good to go!  $99.00

Not a deal with a price tag of $400, but it is oh, so pretty.

Again, not a good price point for me at $250.  But it is gorg, and I couldn't not put it up here.  Yeah yeah, double negative.  Whatev.

From this posting, have you realized my love for most all things faux bamboo?  Yeah, I thought so.

Any items that you see are too good to pass up?

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