Monday, August 22, 2011

My litte place

A few months ago I purchased a condo in Atlanta......a sweet little 970 square foot, 2 bed, 2 bath condo that needs some work.  I have unpacked, but to say that have settled in would be a complete exaggeration.  I have been out of town a lot, but my excuses of not getting this place decorated are getting lame (even for me).  This up-coming weekend, my parents (God love them) and I will be replacing the carpeting in the main living areas with hard-wood-look-a-like-laminate flooring.  I can't wait to see the transformation!  If you are wondering why I didn't go with real hard wood floors, well that's three fold....1) Hard wood flooring is quite a bit more expensive then laminate flooring; 2) we got this flooring at a song!; and 3) I am thinking I will be in this place for two or three years and after that I would like to rent this place out (and don't want to worry about the next person scratching the nice hard wood floors all to hell).  Hopefully, the flooring re-do will be just the beginning of my projects, and in an attempt to be somewhat accountable for my non-decorated-condo, I am going to post pictures.  Here are some picture of the place before I moved in. 

When you step in the front door, the kitchen is on your right.  Lots of work planned in here!

The living room is a couple steps beyond the kitchen if you walk straight once you enter the condo. 

This picture is if you look to your left once you walk in the front door.  Laundry closet on your left, coat closet on your right, and the guest bath is straight ahead, which opens to the guest bed, as well.

If you walk into the living room and to the right, this is a picture of the master bedroom.  If you turn around the picture below is a shot of the vanity area on your way to the master bath.

2nd Bedroom

Since these pictures were taken I have had the popcorn ceilings removed, gotten a new AC unit, changed a few light fixtures, and painted (even though I haven't finished one I said, lame excuses).   Hopefully, I will have more pictures to show of the updated flooring!  So excited!

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