Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is there a zebra in my future?

Since the carpet in my living room has been replaced with hardwood floors, I have been itching for a new rug.  I can't quiet figure out what I want though.  Originally, I purchased an oriental rug for the space, but it looked wayyy too old lady-ish when combined with the hand-me-down furniture I received from my mom.  I currently have a too-small-for-the-space rug that just isn't doing it for me, but I guess it is serving its purpose (kinda).  I thought maybe a jute/sisal/seagrass-type rug would be nice, but then it occurred to me that the room would be too blah/boring (since the couch is beige and the walls are a taupe-y color).  Sooo now I'm leaning towards a rug similar to this....

This is the living room of Jenna Lyons.  Ya know, THE Jenna Lyons, who has my dream job and wardrobe.....and house....and office.

Definitely loving the layering of rugs.  Jenna Lyons also does this in her home (see first picture of post).

And my favorite......
The "collected" look wins me over again.  The navy couches, cute little settee, gold framed sketches, zebra rug, and metal coffee table on casters all just....work.

The rug doesn't necessarily have to be a zebra print, but I am definitely drawn to that style the most.  And of course, I will let you all know what I end up with.

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