Tuesday, September 27, 2011

L'aviva Home

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I spent the weekend going to estate sales.  I didn't score anything that special, but I still bought a couple of random items that I apparently couldn't live without (a decanter, a few books, candle holders.....etc.).  The weekend before that, the boyfriend came to visit and I actually talked him into going to an estate sale. The sale was in a very nice, couple-years-old, 3-story townhome, so I'm sure that's why he went inside with me (it had nothing to do with my awesome persuasion skills).  While inside the townhome, we were looking at furniture and my adorable money-conscious said "why would anyone ever shop at a furniture store?"  He walked out with a $20 black-and-gold, fairly ornate mirror.  Haha, I'm glad he is coming around to my estate sale-ing ways.

Anyhoo, the point of this post.....

While perusing the internet today, my mom found this wonderful home goods site and I thought everyone should be privy to this company......L' Aviva Home, which features collections of items that are handcrafted by people around the world.  Right now they are featuring textiles, objects, and shyrdaks (rugs and pillows).  The designs are unique and the products are original.  The Moroccan Wedding Blankets are my favorite!

Shyrdak Rugs

Mexican Coverlets

Zulu Lace Wirework
Cowhide Rug

Uzbek Copper Tray

Egyptian Arabesque Lamp

Chiapas Pillows

Granada Lantern
Bolivian Frazadas

Indigo Throws

Moroccan Wedding Blankets
*All pictures via L'aviva Home.

I hope everyone enjoys these beautiful handcrafted goods.  And this can serve as hints for anyone getting me a birthday present in the upcoming month.  ;-)

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