Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Life Happenings

Hello!  I'm trying to get back in the swing of things after the long weekend.  I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday weekend, doing whatever makes them happiest. 

Since I've been M.I.A. for almost a week, I thought I would share some life happenings...

1. Last Thursday my dad and I went to the Falcons/Ravens game.  Too bad the Falcons lost, because we had GOOOOD seats.
*Picture taken by yours truly.

2. I just hung around Atlanta this labor day weekend, so it was pretty uneventful.  The boyfriend was on a hunting trip, so I enjoyed some time with the parents while they were still in town (they left yesterday on the first leg of their road trip).  Since I stayed here, I decided it was necessary to finish at least ONE of the projects around the condo that I have managed to put off for two months.  So, in typical Dara-style, I finished only one project....painting the living room/entry/hall area.  I love it though!  I am debating whether or not to paint the ugly bi-fold doors in the hall the same as the wall color.  Maybe then they wouldn't be such an eye-sore....maybe.

3. The flooring is finished and it looks awesome!  The pre-primed base board and shoe mold is installed as well.  Pictures to come!  I did fill-in the nail holes (not covered by furniture) with wood filler, so it really does look complete even if it isn't painted (shhh, don't tell anyone).

4. I purchased a new tv this weekend for my bedroom!  Yay!  I went to Best Buy without having done any research on tvs (rookie mistake), but I figured I could just look at reviews via phone when I was at the store.  Long story short - I took a chance on an open-box model of this.  Later that afternoon when unpacking, I discovered the power cord wasn't included.  I called the Best Buy I purchased the tv from and they told me to come in and they would give me a power cord......score!  Good customer service deserves a !.

5.  I am a Georgia fan, and although I managed to sit through the entire game on Saturday night, it was a complete disaster. 

6.  On a related note, I am going to see the boyfriend this upcoming weekend.  He is a South Carolina fan.....and SC plays UGA on Saturday.  Ugh, the way SC stepped up in the second half last weekend, could be very very bad for UGA. 

7.  As a hobby, I am going to start taking pictures again.  I took a photography class a couple of years ago to familiarize myself with my SLR camera, but haven't taken advantage of it like I should.  Guess I should get that camera back from my aunt.  Aunt Who-Doesn't-Read-This-Blog, beware. 
I took this picture last spring at Atlanta Botanical Gardens via my Droid.

Ok, enough rambling for the day.  Hope everyone has a delightful week!

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