Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random Food....Thoughts?

1.  Apparently, I've always been at Publix when the urge strikes to make a pizza, so I usually gather all my  ingredients....fresh dough ball, cheese, chicken, garlic, etc.....and go on my merry little way.  Well, yesterday I was at Kroger shopping for supplies, when I realized they don't carry fresh pizza dough!  BIG let down and I am starting to realize I might be ok with spending a little more to shop at Publix.

2.  It is football season and I think that deserves some buffalo chicken dip.  Recipe here.  I go with the Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce, ranch dressing, and the mozzarella cheese instead of the other options.  No one said it was healthy, but it is delicious.  Also, it calls for canned chicken, but I substitute for shredded chicken that has been boiled.  One of my friends used rotisserie chicken for the ease of it, which is also pretty tasty.

3.  Since it is already Wednesday (and I'll be out of town this weekend), next week I am going to attempt to cook adobo.  I have been craving some ever since this post and it was calling my name when I was watched the Food channel the other day.  My dad has a good recipe, so I will be hitting him up.  The chicken is so tender, it literally falls off the bone.  Yummmm.

That is all for my random food thoughts.  Do you already have some dishes/recipes in mind for next week?

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