Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The long awaited (from my standpoint) Adobo post

So I posted here and here that I have had some serious cravings for adobo. I finally made it a couple of weeks ago (so you guys wouldn't have to hear me talk about it anymore). Unfortunately I wasn't extremely impressed; it was just so-so. Maybe when I go out to California and visit my Filipino aunts, uncles, cousins during Christmas I will get the REAL recipe, instead of one I found off the internet. Below are a few pictures capturing the making of my average meal. Next time it will be better, and you can bet that I will report back.

Soy Sauce
Bay Leaves
Jalapeno (Not called for, but I added it)

I didn't remember to take a picture with all the ingredients until after the chicken was in the pot.  Hehe, oops.

One pot dish (besides the rice in the rice cooker), throw everything in and let it cook. 

Once all the ingredients had simmered for about 30 minutes.

Finished dish!  Can't wait to try it again!
*All pictures by me.

Any dishes you've been craving?

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